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clek olli booster seat

by Alicia in Age 5-7

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Clek1 Moms are all about safety. I might be a little extreme. Sebastian will probably be in a booster seat until he’s ten. Now, with the ‘olli booster seat’, Sebastian won’t mind.

Here is an excerpt from the clek website and I will elaborate below:

The clek™ booster seats are designed with an integrated rigid LATCH system to deliver both the safety of LATCH and the convenience of uncomplicated installation, features typically at odds with one another.

Designed with an integrated rigid LATCH system – This is the most incredible feature. I haven’t shopped for many booster seats but this is the first one that I know of with this feature. The booster seat doesn’t slide like some do because it is securely fasted to the seat via the LATCH system.

Safety – The clek booster seat was designed and engineered by a world-class automotive seat manufacturer that knows the safety concerns of parents.

Uncomplicated installation – There’s nothing complicated when installing the clek booster seat in your car. Simply align the seat with the LATCH symbols on your car’s seat and push to attach the seat to the LATCH system. It’s that easy!

My husband loves the clek booster seat as much as I do. He often takes Sebastian on errands with him so we have to move his booster seat from my car to his. Now with the clek booster seat, it’s a quick and easy task.

A few things that Sebastian wanted me to point out to you are:
1. "It’s super comfy"
2. You can choose from several colors and patterns.
3. It makes him tall so he can see out the window.
4. He feels safe.
5. The seat doesn’t slide.

I think I already said all of that, but I promised Sebastian I would let you know what he had to say too.

A clek olli booster seat will be given away to a lucky ‘Insider’ reader in September.  Visit often to enter the September contest!

Where to buy: clek booster seat website

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