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The Number Hunt Game

by Alicia in Age 3-5

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Finally, a game that Sebastian like to play, takes about 15 minutes and is fun for Tim and I to play also.

Number Hunt is a game that enhances kids math skills, and is fun… says Sebastain (7 years old). This game focuses on
more than counting, allowing kids to see numbers in real terms – how
they relate to quantities and amounts – as well as symbols. Players learn and practice math skills as they move along the colorful jungle path.

With six different games to play targeting beginners to advanced mathematicians (around age 5-7), younger kids will be entertained and educated for a few years.

Beyond Learning is the world’s first company to offer reading and math games that are earth-friendly. Their products are printed with soy-based ink, phthalate-free lamination, water-based varnish on recycled paper.

Where to buy: Beyond Learning

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