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On the way to Orlando today..

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Hi everyone. It’s June 11th and we are on our way to Orlando for the week. Our trip to Orlando is going to be a relaxing vacation for me..I hope. We aren’t visiting any parks this time because Madelyn is too young to go. We will swim in my father’s lake, play in the backyard, relax in the spa, eat, and sleep. Besides all of that fun stuff, I will be publishing several great reviews.  Here are a few products I am going to review this week:
1. Flash cards that help baby learn to sign.
2. Fortune socks – these are so cute!
3. Scottsdale Baby Cakes – diaper cakes and their ‘ingredients’
4. School Zone Interactive – I am reviewing three awesome educational workbooks they sent.
5. Bibs & toddler placemats

I have so many fun reviews coming up in the next few months. I can’t wait!  I hope you are enjoying the reviews published on The Mommy Insider and don’t forget to tell your friends about all the great products and coupon codes featured on the site. Also, if you haven’t already signed up for your FREE INSIDER account, you should do that today. I will send you a $10 gift certificate everytime you earn 20 points by participating in the site, buying stuff from the merchants featured on the site, using a coupon code, and there are even more ways to earn points.

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