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Crumbchum_1The Crumb Chum is something we use every day.

I can’t tell you how many times my mother has commented on how messy Madelyn gets when eating. My mother tells me "I never let you and your sister get that messy." My mother said that she always kept a wet wash cloth on hand and didn’t let us feed ourselves because it was too messy.

That is not the kind of Mommy I am. I want Madelyn to experience messes, I want her to feed herself as much as she can, and I don’t want her to be self conscience about getting dirty. The Crumb Chum helps me achieve all of these desires while making it easy and stress-free when Madelyn is finished with her meal.

The Crumb Chum is easy to use, easy to clean, comes in lots of great designs and best of all, it serves a purpose that no one canCrumbchum_pocket deny needs serving. That purpose is keeping baby clean.

The Crumb Chum is one of those things that I think should be included in the "take home" bag when you deliver your baby at the hospital.

The Crumb Chum covers Madelyn from chin to toe. The lightweight material helps Madelyn keep Madelyn cool while keeping her clean and the light weight makes it easy for Madelyn to move around in the bib.  It folds to be very small and can be stored in a diaper bag pocket or purse easily.  The pocket hangs perfectly so that the food that doesn’t make it in Madelyn’s mouth falls right into the pocket.

The Crumb Chum comes in two sizes, 6-15 months and 15 months – 4 years and in tons of great patterns for boys and girls.

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