Time4Learning…Fun and Successful

As a mother of a seven year
old, I’m always looking for a way to balance learning and fun. I’ve
noticed that Sebastian becomes really engaged in learning when lessons and
activities are interactive. In my search
to find the perfect program for Sebastian, I considered a few things. First, I wanted something that would begin
building a foundation of skills for first and second grade. Secondly, I had to find a program that would
help Sebastian who struggles with reading comprehension. Lastly, I was on a budget and needed to find
something extremely cost effective. I
began my search and eventually made an great discovery…Time4Learning.

Time4Learning can be used for
as an after-school
, as an
alternative to summer school,
or even for homeschooling. For those children with special needs,
the engaging graphics, songs, and videos create interactive learning activities
that kids really enjoy. Sebastian loves
how the lessons can be read aloud by a fun cartoon character. This feature, in particular, keeps him from
stumbling over new material or from losing his place on the page. Activities in the preschool program, such
as counting games and alphabet songs, keep Sebastian entertained while
learning. It’s amazing! The best part is that Sebastian can work
independently using the personalized program in which he can navigate entirely
on his own. Time4Learning’s low monthly
cost will fit perfectly into any family’s budget.

Sebastian actually looks
forward to logging on to the Time4Learning website after school.  He particularly enjoys the reading lessons.
The characters are very easy for him to follow and enjoy and the stories are

Time4Learning is a
student-paced program for grades Pre-K-8th. Children work at their own pace…something I find
very helpful, especially for Sebastian, whose self-esteem began to soar as he
used writing tools such as graphic organizers, spell-checkers, and personalized
evaluations. I saw incredible
improvement and lots of smiles shortly after Sebastian began using the Time4Learning

Learning and fun: http://www.time4learning.com/demos.htm

Preschool http://www.time4learning.com/preschool-games.shtml

After school supplement http://www.time4learning.com/learning-enrichment.shtml

Summer school http://www.time4learning.com/summer-school.shtml

Homeschooling: http://www.time4learning.com/homeschool-curriculum.htm

Special needs: http://time4learning.com/learning-special-needs-shtml

Preschool program: http://learninggamesforkids.com

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