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Piggyback classic tote from I’m Still Me

by Alicia in Diaper Bags, Fun stuff for parents, Maternity

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Yes, it’s hard to believe that even after you have a baby "you’re still you"…That’s where "I’m Still Me" comes in. Mackenzie and Sandra, a mom and daughter team combine their love of beautiful fabric with extensive sewing and design experience to create these perfect diaper bags.

I use my classic tote every day.

What I love about this diaper bag:
1. The 2 side pockets. One is perfect for my cell phone and lipstick while the other holds my sunglasses.
2. The inside pockets. There are several inner pockets that hold my diaper wipes, diapers, diaper rash cream, a little notebook, hand sanitizer, and a few other things.
3. The main pocket holds the diapers, usually a magazine or two, and other assorted things.
4. The "clip on pouch". This pouch is such an awesome idea!  I carry my wallet, camera, powder, and a few other things in the pouch for easy access.

This diaper bag is washable throughout.

I absolutely love this bag and recommend that both expecting and experienced moms buy one for themseleves! 

Where to buy: I’m Still Me

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