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Dream Kuddle Bear Pillow

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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I have been using a "maternity body pillow" for several months now and my son, Sebastian has been using it too!  He loves to snuggle with the pillow. He wraps his arms and legs around it and falls right asleep. So…when he received the Dream Kuddle pillow he absolutely flipped out! He was so excited to have his own body pillow. So am I, if you know what I mean!

The Dream Kuddle pillow has a pocket on the back that can hold a small book or a stuffed animal.

Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable which is great.

Exceprt from website:

The Comforting Benefits of DreamKuddle

· Provides healthy body support and emotional security

· Invites quality sleep and relaxation

· Promotes proper spine alignment and enhances muscular relaxation

· Provides smoother crib to bed transition

· Becomes a comfort buddy for car trips, stressful situations, reading, and watching TV.

· Large colorful animal designs…

o Positioned for hugging with plush toy feeling!

o Puppy, kitty, teddy bear and bunny—children’s favorites!

· Cuddly shape with soft and silky textures

· Patch pocket on back for children to store special items

· Offers moms comforting support for nursing and bottle feeding

· Provides sensory comfort

o can be calming to children with autism [more]

· Pillow and cover machine washable/dryable

· High quality, soft fleece…wicks moisture

· High quality pillow…good loft and stability

· Zippered cover keeps pillow cleaner

· Hidden zipper for easy removal…won’t catch on child’s skin

· Perfectly sized for children: 30” long and 22” in diameter

· Allergy/moisture lining available

Where to buy: DreamKuddle.com

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