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Silky Satin Comfy

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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My 7 year old son LOVES his silky satin comfy from  He has used a satin pillow case since he was a baby and now thinks that everything he sleeps with should be satin. He has not left the house without his "silky satin comfy" since he got it in the mail about 1 week ago.

It is the perfect size for traveling with; it’s not too big or too small and the comfy has great little corners for kids to rub.

Excerpt from website: Perfect size for little hands, this all sweet colored satin comfort blanket is a must for all children. Pediatricians recognize the importance of children having their own comfort blanket, as it is important developmentally for helping babies transition to sleep and for comfort when Mommy and Daddy are away.

Our blankets are hand made and beautifully trimmed in a decorative stitch with our unique corners for little fingers to rub soothingly. With every washing, these satin blankets become softer and more snuggly. They measure 18×22 inches.

You can choose from these colors (coordinated with a beautiful pearl color) :

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle and dry on low. Proudly made in the USA.

Where to buy:
Cost: $24.99

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