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Lavendar Spa Blanket

by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents

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The lavendar spa blanket is for stressed out Moms everywhere!!

I love this blanket!  I got the lavendar spa blanket this week and have slept (cuddled) with it every night so far. The smell is amazing and never seems to go away like some scents. 

Exerpt from website where you can buy this blanket:

"The lavendar spa blanket is filled with lavender and flax, and you can create your own spa experience at home by warming it in the microwave for a minute or two. The aromatic, moist heat can be enjoyed in many ways. Wrap it around your neck, shoulders, and back for a warm cozy hug. Lay it under or over you for deep, muscle-relaxing warmth or sheer nap-inducing indulgence. Cover is cold-water washable."

Where to buy:
Cost: $59.95

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