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Metal Concept Kitchen

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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Is this not the coolest kitchen ever?  It’s not too girly, or to boyish…I guess kitchens can’t be too boyish anyway.

Designed to look and sound like the real thing, this play kitchen has an electronic "burner" with a center grill on top and an oven below. Overhead is an electronic hood that makes whirring fan sounds and features a working task light. There’s also a refrigerator, sink and as in any modern kitchen, a dishwasher. A built-in storage area houses the 40 accessories, which include cookware, dishes, and utensils. Made of steel and heavy-duty plastic. For ages 3 and up.

This kitchen can be found on a lot of websites for well over $150, but right now, the Museum of Modern Art’s website is clearancing it for just $79.95!! Jump on it!

Website: MoMA Store
Cost: $79.95

If the product is out of stock at MoMA Store, try these sites:
Mobileation – Price: $158.95
Lime Green Catalog – Price: $180

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