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Thanksgiving Craft: Thankful Turkey Box – Great For Everyone In The Family To Get Involved In!

I had a bummer of a day yesterday so when I woke up this morning I decided that Madelyn and I would make crafts in order to keep my mind off things. Madelyn and I went to an event for work about an hour from home yesterday and when the event was over at 1pm, we went to leave and what do you know.. the car wouldn’t open.  The keyfob wouldn’t even unlock the car.  I got the key out of the keyfob and unlocked the car manually but still no power.. at all.  We were an hour away from home in an unfamiliar area for 7 hours yesterday and she didn’t whine at all.  I  am THANKFUL for that!  Now my car is an hour away from me and I won’t know what’s wrong with it (it’s a 2-year-old car) until tomorrow. 🙁

Fast forward to this morning..

I went to Pinterest to search for Thanksgiving Kids Crafts and found tons of great ideas!   Seeing as how I don’t have a car and can’t go to the craft store to buy materials, we had to choose crafts that we had all of the materials for already.    Madelyn was super excited when she saw this “Thankful Turkey Box” and I was thrilled that we had most of what we needed to make the craft.

Here is the Thankful Turkey Box we created, inspired by I Heart Crafty Things.

Thankful Turkey Box Thanksgiving Craft

It took Madelyn and I about an hour to make this beautiful craft.

You will find instructions on this page of I Heart Crafty Things.

I created a “I am thankful for..” template that you are welcome to use.  The sizing of the strips in the template is just right for putting the strips of paper in a pocket on the side of the box as shown in the photo above.

Madelyn quickly filled out her “I am thankful for.. ” strip, folded it, and put it in the box.  She printed and cut out 12 strips, enough for everyone in our family and for who is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving.  She will take all the strips out before Thanksgiving dinner and read them aloud.

I hope you enjoy this fun Thanksgiving craft!

Here is my Thanksgiving Crafts board on Pinterest where you’ll find more fun craft ideas!

Alicia, The Mommy Insider blog author