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Moms.. watch a video and take a survey for a chance to win a $1000 gift card!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BabyDiaperSurvey.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you remember your birth process?  I bet you do and if you’re anything like me, you’re curious to hear what other parents have to say about the birth process and how their birth process was.  Although I have to admit, right after my first birth I got very irritated when I heard other moms talk about how painless and exhilarating the birth process was.  Really?  What planet did you give birth on?

Watch this amazing video featuring live birth snippets and new parents talking about the birth process

This video contains graphic content that you may not want your children to see.   It’s an amazing video for expecting and experienced parents to watch though, so take a moment and enjoy.

One dad in the video says about the birth process “It’s like a dream that you can really remember though”, while another dad says “That was the first time I was scared.. for the rest of my life”.

moms watch this video to win

Take a survey at BabyDiaperSurvey.com for a chance to win a $1000 gift card!

Take this survey for a 1/500 chance at $1000. Those are pretty great odds, and considering that you won’t receive any spam emails, your information will not be used for any marketing activity, and your personal information is 100% confidential, I’d go for it!

Alicia Hagan

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