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Kick That Cold to the Curb with C-Spray Vitamin C Supplement (Win a Bottle of C-Spray!)




5 year old in doctor office

Sniff sniff.  Cough cough.  Sneeze sneeze.

These are common sounds parents hear.  I used to believe that kids got sick more in the Winter months than the rest of the year but I know otherwise now.  We have to be prepared to kick the common cold to the curb all year.

When a child has a cold, you can count on:

  • Not getting much sleep, if any.
  • Going through tissues like mad.
  • Finding popsicle sticks in the most unusual places (under the couch cussion for example) – Don’t tell me this one is just our kids?

If you’re like me, you remind your kids to wash their hands dozens of times a day but much to my dismay, hand-washing isn’t a cure for the common cold. While nothing has proven to cure the common cold, there are things we can do to lessen the duration of the common cold.

C Spray Vitamin C SupplementAs parents we talk to our kids about hand-washing, nose picking, licking furniture, eating dirt, handling pets, and eating fruits and vegetables.  But no matter how often we tell them to wash their hands and not pick their nose, they can still catch a cold.  That’s when C-Spray comes in handy.

According to clinical double blind independent studies Cspray improves the duration of cold and flu, general health, well-being and vitality over those in placebo group.  Cspray is the most portable new delivery system on the market. It is a small pump spray bottle that allows for convenient use throughout the day whenever you need it. It is the only delivery system that allows for repeated, consistent dosage anywhere you may be – on an airplane, school, office, car, restaurant, wherever you need protection and delivered instantly into the system.

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Alicia Hagan, Editor