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Snapdragon Baby Socks

I am so excited about this review! I love this product. I love all of the products that I review, but I have not seen a product like this before so I am so excited to share it with you!

I am going to post a photograph on Madelyn in her Snapdragon socks later today or tomorrow so you can see exactly how they attach to an outfit. My current pictures turned out blurry! 🙁

Snapdragon Baby Socks make life a little easier for parents of babies. As you know, babies tend to rip off their socks the first chance they get. It’s just plain fun. Socks are yummy.  We put the socks back on, baby takes the socks off again! NOT ANY MORE! The sock battle is over!  Snapdragon Socks have a little loop that you simply put between two snaps on baby’s outfit so they are on…for good. Ha Ha babies.. we are just looking out for your best interest.

You can choose from several loop styles including ducks, ladybugs, flowers, sports theme, and transportation.   Girls socks come in white and pink and boys socks come in white and blue. Check them out for yourself, you will love them!

Where to buy: Snapdragon Baby

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