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Downtime Sleepy Hat

"Holy Cow!! That is so cute!"..is along the lines of what I said when I first saw this hat.  It really is such a cute hat and like no other I’ve seen on the market.

The Downtime Sleepy Hat is a
unique, fold-down sleep hat/mask that creates a
sleep-inducing environment for your baby.  It blocks out
visual stimulation to help babies fall asleep quickly and gently when they
otherwise just will not close their eyes.

I’ve got a funny story to tell you..  and it’s absolutely true. When we go on road trips, Sebastian has always put his silky full sized pillow over his face in order to calm down and fall asleep in the car. He’s done this since he was about three. However, I’m sure if he had the thought process and coordination to do this before he was three, he would have.  Children are naturally inclined to cover themselves to block out light and sounds when they are tired. That’s why baby’s tend to burrow into mom or dad’s shoulder or chest when tired.

Designed with safety in mind…the Downtime Sleep Hat is completely breathable, super soft, and very light-weight so that you can feel good about putting it over baby’s delicate
skin and eyes.

Adults have used eye masks for years to cover their eyes, now we provide the same soothing comfort for our baby!

Available in a few colors and in sizes 3-9 and 9-18 months.

Cute and functional, the Downtime Sleep Hat is a great gift idea for the new baby in your life.

WEBSITE: Downtime Sleep Hat

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