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I Did Something I Always Tell the Kids NOT To Do! I Put Something Up My Nose..and it Helped!

Let me preface this post by saying that I dont recommend sticking random objects up your or your kid’s nose. Be careful with what you stick up your nose!

That being said..

I went to Florida last week and I either picked a nasty germ up on the flight home or the weather change really messed my sinuses up because I’ve been suffering from insane facial congestion, AKA sinus issues. Ask anyone I’ve talked to the last few days and they’ll tell you that I didn’t sound like myself or look like myself..because I’m so ‘phlegmy’. After having this congestion and headache for four days I finally called the doctor today to ask if I should take something other than Sudafed and wouldn’t you know, they told me that based on my symptoms I should be seen by a doctor within the next 24 hours. So I have a doctor’s appointment for 8:40 tomorrow morning. Tim’s going to love that. So much for him getting to sleep in.

Anyway, while putting my 4 year old to bed tonight I remembered that I always blast saline spray up the kid’s noses when they are congested. So I thought why not try it on myself? I went to get the kids saline spray and low and behold, I had forgotten that I had a Sinucleanse Netipot and SinuCleanse® Squeeze™ in the medicine cabinet. How lucky am I? 🙂
First, I thought no way am I sticking that thing up my nose and pumping liquid into it only to have it come out the other side! Then I looked in the mirror and saw my red nose, fluffy swollen cheeks and red puffy eyes and thought what the heck, I’m going to try it. Oh, and did I mention the killer sinus headache?

Then, I shut myself in the bathroom so the kids wouldn’t walk in and freak out because mom had something stuck in her nose and stuff coming out of the other side, read the instructions carefully (a few times..I’m telling you, my brain doesn’t work right when it’s full of phlegm), and finally I took the plunge and did it.
I used the SinuCleanse® Squeeze™ and no one walked in on me! Yes I pumped stuff up my nose and yes, it came out the other side. I’m as cool as Regis now (did you see him use the Netipot a couple of weeks ago live on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’? – ewe gross!).

How do I feel now? I can breathe! No weird side effects, no dry nose, no runny nose, just a de-fluffed face and clearer passages. In fact, I’m going to go use it again in a little while. Because it was my first time (and on Valentine’s Day..how sweet, huh?) I didn’t use the full strength solution so I’m going to flush my sinuses out again after about two hours after the first round.

All-in-all, using the SinuCleanse® Squeeze™ is an easy and convenient way to clear your sinuses once you get past the initial gross factor.

I’m still keeping my doctor’s appointment because I’m traveling to Mia I this Thursday and want to make sure I’m in tip top shape but I don’t think I’ll be feeling anywhere as bad as I’ve been feeling if this SinuCleanse® Squeeze™ thing keeps doing the job it did tonight!

Yay me for trying something new!

You can buy the SinuCleanse Squeeze here

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.