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Sleep Scentsations scented pillow liners + win one!

 Sleep is precious to most moms. And for most moms, sleep is hard to come by. 

Because I have a difficult time falling and staying asleep I have a little bedtime ritual during which I prepare my 'sleep aids'.   First, I turn on my sound machine and set it to play ocean waves. The ocean waves sound is what helps me go back to sleep when I wake in the night.  Second, I replace the scented pillow liner on my pillow if I need to.


Sleep Scentsations scented pillow liners are thin, soft liners infused with essential
oils and fragrance oils. I place a new scented liner on my pillow, under my pillow case, every week or so.   I have the Shanghai Nights Scented Collection box which includes 10 scented liners in 6 different scents.  My favorite liners so far are the White Tea & Lily liner and the Day at the Beach liner.  One that's really a cool idea is Cold RX.  I haven't needed to try it yet and hopefully won't for a while, but definitely will next time I have a cold.  After using Sleep Scentsations scented pillow liners for about a month now, I have total confidence that the Cold RX liner will work.

Check out Sleep Scentsations Scent Menu for a list of all available scents.

GIVEAWAY!  I have one Shanghai Nights Scented Collection box to give to a lucky subscriberClick here to go to our Subscription page, subscribe if you haven't already, then fill out the entry form on that page!  That's it!