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The AllyZabba

Polka dots, silk and plush, oh my! The AllyZabba blanket mixes 2 great textures, silk and the softest plush to make a wonderful blanket that your baby will love for years.  This is the kind of blanket that you want your child to get attached to. The polka dots make for a timeless, trendy look and the softness of the plush and the coolness of the silk are sure to comfort even the fussiest of babies… they do Madelyn and she can be pretty fussy sometimes.

When I put Madelyn’s AllyZabba near her face, she turns her face as far into the blanket as she can. It alsmost looks uncomfortable sometimes!  She loves the silky coolness on her skin.

Treat your baby like a star and get her an AllyZabba blanket today! I recommend the AllyZabba for baby shower gifts, new baby gifts and for birthday presents for children.

Where to buy: Ally Zabba

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