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Philips Norelco All-in-One Groomer

Norelco Grooming KitIf you have ever looked for a grooming device for your husband, and who hasn’t at one time or another, you can stop looking and get the best one I have found, period.

The Philips Norelco Suite has it all. A sleek power body, five cutting heads, and three hair length guides, all in a nicely designed, cleverly small display stand. The stand has a power connector that keeps the power body charged at all times, however, Norelco advises you to not charge the unit until it is almost out of juice. This is a little problem because you naturally want to put the power body in the stand. I’m not sure I get it. I suppose you could unplug the power from the outlet so no charge is getting to the power body.

The cutting edges are not the typical blades but instead a very tiny row of teeth that do the job. There is a standard 1 inch wide blade for trimming mustaches. There is a ¾ inch wide head for side burns and narrow areas, a 3/8 wide cutting head for very detailed cutting and engraving the hair into masterpieces. Certainly included is the obligatory ear and nose trimmer that nobody likes to admit to needing but are happy to have.

If you are into cutting your own hair or that of your kids there are three hair length guides that make quick work of the most demanding “customer”. The power body is equipped with slots for the hair length guides and a ratcheting device that lock it into the position you want so the result will be a consistent length and look. This is one of the greatest beard groomers I have seen and I suggest you look into the Philips Norleclo Grooming Group for a great gift idea.

Learn more about the Norelco All in 1 Grooming Kit at the Philips/Norelco website here.