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Lil’ Tag Alongs baby blanket
review + giveaway

Lil' Tag Alongs baby blanket with link attachmentsWhat new mom doesn’t love a product that makes life a little easier? I certainly do and I recently learned about Lil’ Tag Alongs, a blanket that is sure to make any new mom’s life easierreally!
Lil’ Tag Alongs blankets perform several functions including keeping baby warm, cozy, and Lil’ Tag Alongs ensure that your baby’s favorite toy won’t fall on the dirty grocery store floor as long as it’s attached to a link on the blanket. You wouldn’t believe my reaction when Madelyn dropped a toy onto a dirty grocery store floor.  First I would gasp, then my super speedy reflexes took over as I picked the toy. Madelyn wasn’t allowed to touch it again until I sanitized it making for a miserable remainder of our grocery trip.  You’ll be happy to know that I’m not that crazy anymore… maybe in different ways but I’m not a “germaphone” (what my son used to call me) anymore.

Obviously, I would have benefited greatly from a Lil’ Tag Alongs blanket during Madelyn’s infant months.   The ability to attach Madelyn’s favorite toys to her blanket would have saved me time running from room to room looking for her favorite rattle or teething toy that I could have attached to a link on her Lil’ Tag Alongs blanket.  Toys attach to Lil’ Tag Alongs blankets using links sold at Wal-Mart and Babies R’ Us like those in the photograph here.  A lot of infant and baby toys snap right onto the links.

Lil' Tag Alongs blanket with links attached

Benefits of the Lil’ Tag Alongs:

  • Attach your baby’s Lil’ Tag Alongs blanket to your stroller using links
  • Lay the blanket on the floor and your new baby will playing with and reaching for the links.. great for doctor recommended tummy-time!
  • Your won’t have to go from room to room looking for baby’s favorite toys because they can all be attached to her Lil’ Tag Alongs blanket!

Lil’ Tag Alongs are available in large ($48) and small ($29.95) and in lots of colors and patterns.

One winner can choose a large Lil’ Tag Alongs blanket of their choice. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite design is (use the link above) and you are entered to win! Contest ends July 10th.