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5 Fabulous To-Do and Goal Tracking Applications

remember the milk applicationDuring a fast-paced day, it is easy to forget the countless items on a growing mental to do list much less looming life goals that still cause sleepless nights. Therefore, task manager websites with mobile applications serve as both personal assistants and motivational life coaches. Think of the following sites as anxious applicants vying for the chance to become your favorite organization guru!


42Goals sets itself apart via the icons that you can utilize to plot your accomplishments. The icons serve as a visual record of your progress through smaller goals that lead to a bigger objective. Switch between goal tracking on the site via your Mac or PC, over to their mobile web version at your convenience.
Cost: Free, with upgrades from $5-$30 monthly.

There is a reason Toodledo landed on Apple’s list of Top Paid Apps last year. Users love the sleek interface that seamlessly syncs from Windows and OS X to any smartphone or iOS device without hassles. This to-do app is a lifesaver for parents with active kids as it serves to remind them of their family’s daily agenda.
Cost: Free, with Pro and Pro Plus annual memberships ranging from $14.95 and $29.95 respectively.

Ideal for sharing the overarching goals in your life, 43Things connects your goals to a network of other people’s goals. Do you want to lose weight? Have you had a life-long desire to conquer Mt. Everest? This site’s uncluttered format links you to other like-minded folks. It is available on RSS feed and the iPhone.
Cost: Free.

This straightforward daily reminder site provides cross browser capabilities. Sync from web to iPhone, smartphone, or Android supported device. Bloggers can manage blog posts or meetings and will benefit from the myriad of options for sharing lists and appointments across platforms. Parents can also send reminder lists about groceries, upcoming PTA meetings, etc., via email or text.
Cost: Free, with Pro membership for $25 annually.

A little competition goes a long way with Producteev. Perfect for business teams, Producteev provides incentives for completing tasks. You can prioritize tasks in order of importance and award badges for different levels of completion. It is ideal for business owners trying to get and keep their teams motivated. Use Producteev on PC, Mac or mobile devices.
Cost: Free for a two-member team, $20 per month for larger teams.


Do you have a favorite to-do or goal tracking app?  Share in the comments below!

I Could Use Some Chore Ideas For My 6-Year-Old Who’s Trying To Earn $30

Build-a-Bear Workshop pink bear
This is the bear my daughter wants

I need some parenting advice, please!

I am trying to figure out what ‘extra’ chores my 6-year-old daughter can do to earn extra money for a trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop to make her first bear. Most of the chores I’ve given her today; she starts then says it’s too hard.  Well, there’s another thing. I’ll be honest… a couple of the things I’ve asked her to do, I asked her to stop doing because I knew I would to have to go back and do it all over again.

Here are a few things that I’ve tried to get her to do so far today to earn money and what happened:

  • Clean the baseboards
    • Her thoughts on this chore – she apparently couldn’t rub hard enough to get the dirt off
    • My thoughts – She could if she tried harder but I didn’t want to deal with it and I didn’t want to have to go back and clean all the baseboards again so I gave up on that chore.
  • Wash spiderwebs off of the outside of the windows
    • Her thoughts on this chore – Using the hose to squirt the windows was fun
    • My thoughts – I had to help her aim at the spider webs and darn, those things are hard to squirt off with water!  It took her about 5 minutes to complete this chore, with my help.
  • Clean the front door
    • Her thoughts on this chore – “no, thanks”
    • My thoughts – “You love spraying stuff. Why don’t you want to clean the door?”
  • Dust the window sills
    • Her thoughts on this chore – fun and easy and she expected more than $1 for dusting just 3 windows (in about 2 minutes).
    • My thoughts – “Really, you’re fussing because I offered you 25¢ to dust 3 windows? in less than 2 minutes?”


So now I’m at a loss as to what chores to have her to do earn extra money.

Her regular chores that will not help her earn money toward a bear are:

  • Help with her laundry
  • Set and clear the table at each meal
  • Help dust
  • Make her bed
  • Clean her room
  • Help keep the kitchen clean

Do you have any suggestions for chores I can have my 6-year-old do to earn money?  She wants to earn $30.

Here is my wish list that I would pay her (or my son) really good money to do:

I have windows that need to be cleaned, dusty baseboards that need to be wiped down, wall corners that need to be touch-up painted, and kitchen cabinets that need to be organized.

Why doesn’t she want to do any of these FUN chores?  Seriously? They involve paint, spraying, and organizing Tupperware.. all things she LOVES!

I found a printable Goal Chart that I plan on using to track how much money she’s earned but I still need a list of ‘extra’ chores that are reasonable for a 6-year-old to do in order to get her started on a path of earning money.

Any ideas?  Please share them below! I really, really appreciate it!

I was not compensated in any way by KidPointz or Build-a-Bear Workshop for writing this post. Nor was I requested to write this post by either company. I just happened to mention them. This is 100% me. 🙂