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Looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids outside? Try Dip Stix bubble kit.. great for all ages!

Dip Stix Extreme Bubbles

I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love to blow bubbles.  I buy my kids bubbles for almost every holiday as I’m sure a lot of parents do.  Bubbles are easy and entertaining.. two things I love!

We own automated bubble blowing machines, tiny bubble wands, big bubble wands, and spill-proof bubbles.  We recently added a new kind of bubble product to our bubble blowing collection called Dip Stix from award winning company Extreme Bubbles and the kids love them.  Not only can you make the biggest bubbles EVER but the bubbles last for a long time in the air.

Little kids, Big kids, Parents, and Grandparents all have fun together playing with our bubble products. Extreme bubbles add excitement and fun to parties, picnics, the park, or in your own backyard. Our motto is “Get outside and play,” and we truly believe that bubbles can make the world a better place.

Dip Stix Giant Bubble Maker Kit is a small package that contains everything you need to blow big bubbles anywhere; a set of Dip Stix, concentrated big bubble solution and a very sturdy bag with a zip enclosure to hold the big bubble solution.  Madelyn loves watching the bubbles float way up high.. the bubbles last a long time before popping.

Dip Stix are so easy my 4 year old can us them and my 10 year old loves them.   As you can imagine.. getting them to share is fun!  🙁  Sebastian is working on perfecting a few bubble tricks featured in this Dip Stix bubble tricks video on the Extreme Bubbles website.

Here are some photographs of my kids, 10 and 4, playing with their Dip Stix bubble kit from Extreme Bubbles.

Visit Extreme Bubbles’ website to learn more about Dip Stix and their other great bubble products and ‘Like’ Extreme Bubbles’ Facebook page here.