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My 48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse – Day 2 Including Weight Loss Update

I’m on day 2 of my 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse.  If you didn’t read why I’m cleansing, read this post.

This post is not an explanation of what I’m doing, it’s an update.

Day 1, yesterday, I was supposed to drink the cleansing drink 4 times as a replacement for all meals and a mid-afternoon ‘meal’.  I forgot the mid-afternoon meal and felt a little shaky and hungry around 6:30pm.

David Kirsch 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse

Day 1

Weight: 127.8

8am – 1st cleansing drink

I drank a lot of water between the 8am drink and 12:30pm drink.   I should have had the 12:30 drink closer to 11:30 but I was busy working and time slipped by. I felt fine all morning.

12:30pm – 2nd cleansing drink

I had an appointment to get my nails done with a friend at 1pm which helped keep my mind off of not eating.  Although I don’t eat much or usually have cravings, just knowing that I CAN’T eat, has been difficult for me.

3:30pm – 1st Thermo Bubbles drink

Around 3 I started feeling more hungry than I would have liked and I was getting offended when my husband or daughter would eat a snack around me.  Rather, my hunger pains were getting worse. That is when I remembered and drank a glass of Thermo Bubbles (pink lemonade) which helps energy levels and curbs appetite.  Again, I am not doing this cleanse to starve myself or with the expectation of losing even 5 pounds so curbing my appetite was just a comfort issue at that point.

7pm – 3rd cleansing drink

Around this time it was sinking in that I really wasn’t going to eat for two days so I drank this drink very slowly as if I was eating a meal so I could savor it.  Then I realized that I missed a cleansing drink somewhere during the day (you are supposed to drink 4 of the cleansing drinks in a day) so I sped up the drinking a bit knowing I’d have to squeeze in another before I went to sleep.

9:30pm – 4th cleansing drink

At 9:30pm I felt good. I didn’t feel hungry or like I hadn’t eaten all day.  I drank my 4th cleansing drink of the day and went to sleep pretty early for me.

I had hoped to sleep through the night and until at least 8 to make today seem a bit shorter but I woke at 3am feeling hungry and I was also apparently sleeping on top of a push pin all night.  My husband had been working on rearranging some pictures in our room Wednesday afternoon and left a push pin in the bed!  I was able to get back to sleep and woke at 7am.

Day 2


I weigh myself every morning and this morning I weigh 2 pounds less than I did Tuesday morning but I don’t expect the 2 pounds to stay off once I start eating again.  I just wanted to let you know that I have lost a little weight. I imagine that the weight loss is more significant with the 5 Day Ultimate Detox or 7-Day Cleanse.

7:30am – 1st cleansing drink of the day

I felt pretty hungry by the time I fixed my first cleansing drink of the day.  It’s 8:04am now and I still have about 1/2 of the drink left.  Remember, you are supposed to drink these drinks slowly.  I feel good.

Plan for the day: I plan on drinking my 2nd drink at 11am, 3rd at 4pm, and 4th at 7pm with a Thermo Boost around 1pm.

Learn why I chose David Kirsch’s 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse here and see his cleansing and health products here.



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