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Calafant cardboard villa

The finished product! Front view
Calafant cardboard villa toy

If you are looking for a toy and/or activity that will provide your kids (and you!) with hours of fun, challenge, and be something that they will play with for a long time to come.. you will love Calafant cardboard toys.

Madelyn got a Calafant cardboard villa before we left for our Florida vacation a few days ago.   I brought the cardboard villa with us to Florida in hopes that it would occupy her for long enough to allow me to get a little bit of work done at some point.  Job well done Calafant! Not my job though. I was too interested in watching the kids paint and decorate the cardboard villa to get any work done.
I sat with Madelyn and Sebastian while they painted and I helped Madelyn cut and paste some pictures on the villa.  So much for work!  Madelyn did an awesome job decorating the villa all by herself.. I just helped by supervising her while she painted and cut & pasted magazine pictures onto the cardboard villa.  Oh, I did contribute a little.. I used a brown crayon to draw bricks on one wall.

I have to admit that I had a difficult time letting Madelyn decorate the villa on her own.. there were several times when I wanted to step in and say “no, move that sticker to the right just a tad” or when I thought she should paint something a different color, but I knew while she was decorating the cardboard villa that this is going to be HER villa to play with and as long as she likes the way she’s decorating it and is having fun, I needed to let her be as creative and silly as she wanted.  Thus, the final product, a crazy painted, pasted, sticker laden, patchwork style cardboard villa.

This type of play is very important for young kids as it helps build self confidence and allows them to express their creative side.  And what is really cool is that Madelyn will actually play with the cardboard villa with her dolls so it’s not like a picture that might get put away in a box after a few days.

Finished product.  Back view
Backside of Madelyn's Calafant cardboard villa

Because the cardboard villa requires decoration and assembly this unique toy supplies hours of imaginative and creative play.  The Calafant cardboard villa has a balcony and two big rooms on the backside.  All of the doors open making for even more imaginative play with dolls and such.

Madelyn decorated the inside and outside of the house with:

  • paint
  • crayons
  • stickers
  • cut out pictures

The villa is approximately 15″ x 7″ x 16″ when assembled.  You’ll get an idea of how large it is when you browse the photographs below.

Calafant makes several cardboard toys including a castle, farm, treehouse, and a pirate fortress.

Cost: $24.99

Where to buy: Creative Toy Shop