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Frasier Fir – A Fresh, Clean, Winter Scent for your Home


Imagine walking into a home and immediately noticing the unmistakable, invigorating, uniquely Christmasy smell of Frasier fir. But then you may realize that Christmas has come and gone or there’s nothing like a beautiful and majestic Frasier fir in the house. What’s happened is you’ve just entered a home where Thymes’ Frasier Fir candles are merrily alight or the hostess could have added a spritz of Thymes’ home fragrance into the air just before you arrived.

Thymes.com Frasier Fir

There’s more than one type of Frasier Fir candle on offer from Thymes, so a homemaker can group one type together or mix them for variety. The three wick candle has a lovely, deep pine green wax and is far more than just a Yuletide holiday tradition. At 17 ounces, it fills a space with delectable notes of Siberian fir, cedarwood sandalwood and musk and costs $50.00 per candle. The one wick candle has those same fragrance notes but sells for $28.00. There’s also a set of two candles. These are 3.75 ounce, white wax candles which sell for $34.00 a set.

Along with these candles is the Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle, which is one candle that comes in a clear glass holde rwith a pattern of evocative pine needles. It’s 6.5 ounces, sells for $28.00 and lasts up to 50 hours. Other candles are the Frasier Fir Pine Cone Candle. This candle actually comes in a holder fashioned into a ceramic pine cone. Take the top off and light the wick for that irresistible smell. This candle sells for $30.00 and can come in a gift-wrapped box topped by a grosgrain bow. The Frasier Fir Votive Candles come in a set of three for $18.00. Another 6.5 ounce candle comes in its own reusable tin for $18.50.

Along with candles, Thymes.com also offers Frasier Fir Home Fragrance mist. This three ounce bottle has the look of brushed copper and gives a room the same unforgettable fragrance as the candles. It sells for $18.00.

For Christmas or those other winter holidays, Thymes Frasier Fir candles and mist are a must have!