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Save Money By Shopping At Comparison Shopping Site mySupermarket.com

mySupermarket.com compares prices across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Soap.com, Diapers.com, Drugstore.com, Walgreens, and Costco and presents them in a single online store!

mySupermarket.com asked me to use their site and consider writing about my experience.  All opinions are my own.   I received compensation to be used on mySupermarket.com to facilitate this review.

I prefer to shop online for things like household items, cleaning products, some cosmetics, and other things that I know I like and use often.   90% of my household item online purchases have been through Amazon.com and I’ve always assumed that Amazon offers the lowest prices.  With my Amazon Prime membership I get free 2-day shipping on most items I purchase.  I buy everything from home cleaning products to handbags and shoes, online.   If I find a cute pair of shoes at a local store, I search for the same shoes online, while I’m at the store.  If the price that the online store is offering is within $8 or so of the price of the store where I am, I will buy the item at the store.  If the price is over at the store is $10+ more than what I found online, I purchase the item online.  Researching products that you use and buy often online can pay off.

Let me note here that I appreciate the idea of supporting local businesses and I definitely (like really.. too much maybe) support local stores like The Gap, H&M, Sephora, Target, and REI but if I know that I can buy the item for $10+ less online, then I do.. most of the time.

mySupermarket.com online comparison shoppingWhen mySupermarket.com contacted me and invited me to use their site you can only imagine how interested I was.  I was excited to learn that mySupermarket.com compares prices from 8 online shopping sites including Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Walgreens.com and more.

Here is an overview of my experience with mySupermarket.com.

Finding items on mySupermarket.com

Shopping on mySupermarket.com is easy and fun!   The tabs at the top of the site link shoppers to main sections of the site including pets, mom & baby, health, beauty, snacks, and more.
I prefer using the search box to quickly find what I am looking for.  When I entered “Tide laundry detergent” in the search box, I was taken to a page that features the many variations of Tide laundry detergent and below each product image was the best price being offered from online stores that mySupermarket.com compares prices from.   From there I clicked on the single product I wanted to see the prices for and to the right of the product image is a list of prices with the best price being at the top of the list.  Next to each price is the name of the store that is offering the corresponding price.   In most cases, the stores presented to me were Walmart, Target, Amazon.com, and Walgreens.

Walmart.com is where I ended up buying my choice of products from.  That was a surprise to me.  I hadn’t considered comparing Walmart.com to Amazon.com until using mySupermarket.com.

Discounts and special offers!

mySupermarket.com even presents shoppers with any special offers, discounts, and available coupons, for individual products.  Sometimes you will even find a buy 2 products, get 1 free offer for a brand such as Neutrogena.  For example, a search for “Tide HE 2X Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent, Clean Breeze – 64 Loads” brought up a list of 3 prices and the last price, albeit the most expensive, had the text “buy 2, save $1.50” next to it.  Simply click on the coupon icon and it is automatically applied to your order.

Here is a snapshot of my purchase at mySupermarket.com.
The total for this purchase was $54.79 including shipping.

mySupermarket.com comparison shopping website


Here is the same order on ‘a popular’ online shopping website.
The sub-total total was $57.82 but the total with shipping came to $64.32.

online comparison shopping

If you are like me, you find it difficult to buy something that you know you can find for less somewhere else.  Whether it be between two local stores or online vs. local, it’s always good to compare prices.
One example of the HUGE savings that mySupermarket.com finds for shoppers is today’s price for “Kellogg’s All Bran Buds”.  The prices I was presented with for this item on mySupermarket.com today were from Soap.com and Amazon.com.  They were $20.50 and $30.14 respectively.   Prices can and do change, of course so the best price might not be the same now as it was earlier today but that is what makes mySupermarket.com so cool.. they keep track of the prices and show you the best price all the time!

Swap and Save

Once you’ve finished adding items to your shopping cart, click on the ‘Savings Center’ link to see how you can save money on the product in your card.  The swap and save function will present you will savings options such buying multiples of a product or choosing a larger size. Just click the ‘swap and save’ icon to amend your cart so you get the best unit price.  It’s that easy!

Since becoming a mySupermarket.com shopper and seeing how much time and money I have saved buy using the online shopping comparison site, I have created a list of things that I will buy through mySupermarket.com such as laundry detergent, razors, paper towels, and some cosmetics.  These are all things that I buy regularly and would rather have delivered to my door than have to spend my valuable time going to a local store only to pay a higher price.

Check out is finalized through the sites that offer the best price on the products you are purchasing and you will get a receipt from each site you purchase from.

Thanks to mySupermarket.com’s online shopping comparison tools, I know that I will save quite a bit of money and best of all.. TIME!


mySupermarket.com asked me to use their site and consider writing about my experience.  All opinions are my own.   I received compensation to be used on mySupermarket.com to facilitate this review.