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Wipie Couture TM Nursery Wipe Cases

Are you a Mom on the hunt for things to "glamorize" your baby’s nursery?  I’ve got the product for you! 

La Baby Couture’s Wipie Couture TM Nursery Wipe Cases are beautifully made with the most stylish of fabrics. Speaking of.. there are currently 9 fabric designs to choose from.

La Baby Couture also sells a Wipie Couture TM Travel Baby Wipe Case that you can take anywhere. The travel size is also available in several fabric designs.

These are about the most plush nursery wipe cases I have come across. You can find handmade baby wipe cases like these but La Baby Couture’s baby wipe cases have a wonderful softness to them that adds an extra touch.

The fabric is durable which my son, Sebastian, loves to test for me. He yanks and throws things (sorry, Silvana) for my reviews and we found that La Baby Couture’s baby wipe case is VERY durable.

Couture isn’t just for girls you know!  Let your baby boy in on the couture and choose from fabric designs like the Jungle or Cowboy themes.

La Baby Couture’s baby wipe cases are a great baby shower gift or new baby gift.

Where to buy: La Baby Couture

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