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My Hat Heads – baby hats and scarfs

This is Madelyn (8 months) in her My Hat Heads hat and scarf. I can’t get over how cute she looks in these! (at least I think so) What’s even better is how soft they are and how warm they keep her. It has been in the 40’s and 50’s here in Atlanta lately and I like to be outside so I have been bundling Madelyn up in lots of blankets to keep her warm. Now she has her very own hat and scarf! 

My Hat Heads offers their hats and scarfs in pre-made styles, of which there are a lot, and custom styles.  When you choose the custom design option you can choose the fabric pattern and the hat style. Madelyn’s hat is the pom pom style.  Most of the hats come with a scarf.

My Hat Heads also sells bib, blankets, burp cloths, tag-ees, and gift certificates!

UPDATE: Most of you know that Sebastian is my durability tester.  Well, I learned this morning that My Hat Heads pieces are VERY durable. How did I learn that?   A little game of tug-o-war. Don’t ask! Anyway.. the scarf handled the game very and I’m sure the hat would have as well if the ‘game’ wasn’t abrutly ended.. by the mean mom.. me.  I am guessing that the pieces are so durable because of the  stitching around edges. Sometimes I don’t notice how well a piece is made until it is terribly abused by my 7 year old.  It’s great to have a free durability tester on my review panel!

Where to buy:  My Hat Heads

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