Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

Wirelessly Stream Music and Audiobooks from your Phone with Insignia Bluetooth Speakers

Best Buy disclaimerMy daily routine starts with reading news on my iPhone before I get out of bed, then the kids and I listen to The Bert Show on iHeartRadio while they get ready for school – again, on my iPhone after which I drive the kids to school.  During the drive we usually listen to the radio but on the way home I listen to a podcast or audiobook, through my iPhone.   Once I’m finished exercising, showering and eating breakfast, I head upstairs to my home office where I get comfy and usually turn on music to start my work day.    Once I’ve gotten into the work day and am not trying to concentrate on responding to the initial emails I play whatever audiobook I’m listening to.  My iPhone is like a third hand I suppose.

While I love being able to listen to music and audiobooks from my iPhone, I’m not crazy about the shallow, often tinny sound it produces when what I want to hear is the depth of the music or emotion in the audiobook reader’s voice.  The iPhone 6 Plus does produce good sound quality, but since the option is out there to have higher quality, deeper sound, I’ll take it over listening directly from the phone any day. Insignia makes portable Bluetooth speakers that will satisfy most any casual music and audiobook listener.   Not only because of the portability of the Bluetooth speakers but because of the sound quality which is very impressive coming from such small devices.

Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

To put the listening range of the Insignia speakers I received to review from Best Buy to the test, I placed the (teardrop shaped) Insignia Bluetooth Speaker on a shelf in my office then took my phone with me as I walked through the upper level of my house.  It played my music up to 25 feet away and with three walls separating my phone and the speaker.  The Plug-In Wall Speaker played music wirelessly approximately 40 feet away, down a flight of stairs, and through two walls.   Impressive! While I prefer the sound produced from the Plug-In Wall Speaker, I like that I can hang the Insignia Bluetooth Speaker from anything like the bar on my bookshelf or rowing machine.  It’s small enough to slip into the cup holder on my treadmill  and I can hook it to a belt loop!   I can’t tell you how many times my iPhone has fallen out of my back pocket right into a bunch of garden soil.. yuck.

Insignia Bluetooth Speaker


Once both speakers were connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth, when I was out of range of one speaker, the other speaker would kick in.  That was an unexpected surprise.

The Insignia™ Bluetooth Speakers silicone strap, light weight, splash-proof, and compact design make it easy to take with you anywhere, including by the pool.   After up to 6 hours of playback you can charge the speaker using the built-in USB charging port.

Insignia’s Plug-In Wall Speaker has a built-in power adapter and rechargeable battery so you can listen to your favorite tunes for up to 2 hours when the speaker isn’t plugged.  Designed as a wireless audio solution for your home, it plugs directly into your wall outlets – no wires, shelf space or expensive receiver needed.   I love having this speaker in our kitchen where the outlets at higher on the wall than in a bedroom.   It’s sleek, white design blends in to your home and its portability makes it perfect for taking it with you while you’re on the go.  If you’re into vintage MP3 devices ;), the auxiliary audio input jack connects your non-Bluetooth devices for more listening options.  The fact that this speaker has a built-in power adapter alone makes it a winner to me.  Between the four of us we’re always asking who has what device because they don’t have ‘homes’.  A plug-in wall speaker can have a forever home in one outlet or be moved from room to room and won’t get lost in the shuffle of clearing off the counters or shelves.

Insignia Wall Plug-In Bluetooth Speaker

As I’m writing this, a weather alert came through my phone and it played through the speaker on my bookshelf, not my phone.  That was kind of crazy but made the message clear and easy to hear!

Through September 5, 2015 Best Buy customers will get 30% off any Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker purchased at Best Buy!  To redeem this offer online, use code 4331899 at check out. 



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