Smartphone Review: Sharp AQUOS Crystal on Sprint
Smartphone Review: Sharp AQUOS Crystal on Sprint

Sharp AQUOS® Crystal (Sprint) Review

by Alicia in Gadgets, Smartphones, Technology

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When I opened my latest shipment for the #SprintMom program I was surprised to see a small box with the Sharp logo on it.  Sharp makes smartphones? Yes, Sharp does and a very unique one at that.  The AQUOS name isn’t limited to Sharp’s beautiful AQUOS LCD televisions any longer.   The AQUOS Crystal is like a tiny version of their AQUOS televisions.

Sprint Sharp AQUOS Cyrstal

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal, offered exclusively through Sprint and its prepaid brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA, has great specs for the price point of around $200 with no credit check or $0 with a 2-year service agreement.  From the start I oohed and ahhed over the 5 inch edgeless screen.  A few of my other favorite features of the AQUOS Crystal are the 8MP camera, Harman/Kardon audio technology (great sound!), Wi-fi calling, many camera features and modes, and Clip Now – a feature that allows you to send a screenshot of whatever is on your screen; a photo, contact, email, or web page for example, and send it to a friend.  I can’t leave out the Speaktoit Assistant.  This fabulous assistant could be my new best friend.  Ask him/her anything and your wish is granted.  What is the weather?  What movies are playing?  What is 640-62?  You can even customize your assistant to have brown hair and brown eyes if you’d like.  With the push of a button you’re on your way to finding out what you need to know right then and there.

Sharp AQUOS Crystal Highlights

• Android 4.4.2 KitKat

• 5″ frameless LCD display

• 5.16 x 2.6 x 0.40 inches

• 8MP camera

• Speaktoit Assistant

• App Pass

• Harman Kardon audio

• 2,040mAh lithium-ion pack

• Available at Sprint

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal runs on Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat and comes equipped with Google Mobile services including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google+ and YouTube!  I use Gmail, Google+ for photo storage and editing and YouTube everyday, all of which work a smartphone to the bone.   Another app I use everyday that put the AQUOS Crystal to the test is TwitPro, an app that broadcasts live and recorded tech podcasts.   I watch a video podcast while waiting in the carpool line which requires the device I’m using to have a good processor, great graphics, and reliable connection, all of which Sprint and the AQUOS Crystal offer.   Streaming video podcasts is seamless on this phone.  Madelyn watches videos on Amazon Prime Instant Video when we’re on road trips and this smartphone is the perfect size for just that.

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal has a bezel-free display giving it an edge in the smartphone design space.   No bezel means you have more screen real-estate for your favorite apps.  The frame is sturdy and strong and the curved design makes it easy to hold even for tiny toddler hands.  Speaking of toddler hands, kids get bored of apps and games quickly.  Sprint has a solution for that with their new App Pass program which allows customers to download apps from the App Pass catalog for just $4.99 a month!  How many times have you purchased an app for your child and she’s over it within 3 days.  The App Pass program nixes that by allowing access to an entire catalog of premium, hand-selected apps for just $4.99 a month!  App Pass offers unlimited access to these apps and games across two devices, and additionally, customers are given a $5 credit each month to spend on in-app purchases.  There’s an app for everyone in the family with App Pass. The apps are sorted into the following categories: Games, Free to Play, Lifestyle, Media, Utilities, Kids, Productivity, Books & Reference.

A snapshot of a few of the kids apps in the App Pass catalog

Clip Now feature on Sharp AQUOS Crystal

Camera & Audio

Take pictures like a pro with the 8MP camera and it’s plethora of features and modes.  Framing advisor improves photos by doing the thinking for you, helping with the composition and framing of your shot.  The advisor has options including food, portrait and outdoor scenes.  Never take a dark nighttime photo again with the Night Catch feature which brightens both subject and background for tricky nighttime shots.  Action shots are made easy with Sequential Shots. The Sequential Shots feature catches rapid movements by using one simple button hold.  One of my favorite camera features is Shutter Detect automatically takes a photo when it detects a smile.   I was amazed the first time I tried this feature.  It really does work, even capturing a photo of my husband smiling.. it’s a miracle! 😉   I found that the AQUOS’ color temperature is truer than some smartphones I’ve reviewed.  Many times, photos taken on a smartphone will lean toward the cyan side making the photo look cold and not natural.  The AQUOS Crystal camera is best used in bright light situations and when held very still.  Capturing unforgettable moments is easy and fun with the Sharp AQUOS® Crystal.

photo taken with Sharp AQUOS Cyrstal

I’ve heard of wifi calling but never really thought about what it is exactly.  Wi-Fi Calling allows users to use their voice and messaging services over existing home, office and public Wi-Fi networks, not using their valuable minutes.

The Sharp AQUOS Crystal has and a solid list of specs for an affordable price.  The 2,040mAh lithium-ion pack will easily get you through a full 14 hour day.

Sharp AQUOS Crystal

When you’re looking for your next phone, check out the AQUOS Crystal at your local Sprint store.  It is also available through Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA.



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