Gift Guide: Gifts that get kids moving
Gift Guide: Gifts that get kids moving

15 Products That Get Kids Moving!

by Alicia in Gifts

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It can be tough to motivate kids to get moving, especially during the winter months.  Today I am sharing some of my kids favorite ‘get moving’ toys they’ve loved over the years.  The toy in my daughter’s #1 spot is the Plasmacar.  I got a Plasmacar to review about 9 years ago, before my daughter was born, and now she rides it any chance she gets.  It’s a great toy to take on road trips since it’s smaller than a bike and easy to operate on driveways and sidewalks.  My son’s favorite is the skateboard.  Actually he rides longboards but since those aren’t so mainstream I put skateboards in this gift guide. 🙂

These gifts will get and keep your kids moving year round! All of these gifts are available on

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