Littlest Pet Shop Toy Party and Review
Littlest Pet Shop Toy Party and Review

A Surprise Party With Littlest Pet Shop Toys!

by Alicia in Toys

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Littlest Pet Shop reviewLittlest Pet Shop Playsets

Spout off a list of toys your child plays with and chances are, Littlest Pet Shop is on that list.  The pet’s wobbly, oversized heads, bright colors, and fun names give kids a starting point for creative play unlike many.  Madelyn needs a starting point to get her on the road to creative play and while many toys are colorful and have fun names, they don’t necessarily provide such a thorough platform for creative play such as Littlest Pet Shop toys do.  Not only does Littlest Pet Shop offer lots of characters and pets but the playsets like the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set and Blythe Bedroom Style Set that Madelyn loves, give the characters a place to play, sleep, eat, and even shop.. meaning Madelyn has to come up with what for her characters and pets to do in each of those situations, jump starting her creative juices!

Littlest Pet Shop Party

I recently had a little surprise party for Madelyn because I didn’t have an official birthday party for her this year and felt bad.  The party was meant to be a time when she and her friends could hang out, have snacks, and build and play with her new Littlest Pet Shop playsets.  What a hit! It was better than I expected!  The girls had tons of fun building the playsets!

Littlest Pet Shop - building playset

This fall, LITTLEST PET SHOP empowers fans to “Be who they wanna be!” with a new way to play that offers the freedom to design their own PET SHOP world, their way. Fans can create their own Downtown City, with customizable style sets and figures inspired by the “Littlest Pet Shop” animated series. Fans can collect and stack the style sets vertically or horizontally to create a unique ‘city skyline,’ then decorate and style the sets with Deco Bits — unique, small accessories that plug into the environments for a little added glamour – as well as stickers and other decorative pieces. Fans can also collect and customize 100+ new pets, straight from the entertainment!

If you need a reason to have a playdate or a party for your child, other than a birthday party, grab a few toys from the toy store and have a little surprise party like we did!   Not only will the kids have to use their team building skills to build the playsets you present at the party/playdate, that time will allow you to chat with other moms and dads, something I know I desperately need every once in a while.

Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD

Madelyn and her friends watched Littlest Pet Shop Sweetest Pets DVD after they put together Blythe’s Bedroom Style Set.  The DVD contains five episodes from the Littlest Pet Shop cartoon; Topped With Buttercream, Trading Places, Sweet (Truck) Ride, What’s In The Batter?, and Madelyn’s favorite episode, Bakers and Fakers during which a recipe gets stolen by the Biscuit twins during a cupcake baking competition.  After watching the DVD the girls had even more fun playing with Blythe Bedroom Style Set and Littlest Pet Shop Style Set as they acted out and expanded on scenes from the episodes.

The girls set up an elaborate Littlest Pet Shop ‘town’, as they called it; even though it consisted of three playsets.  The sets come with the cutest little things called Deco Bits which are tiny little decorations kids can place almost anywhere on and in the Littlest Pet Shop playsets.  Madelyn said she “loves Littlest Pet Shop so much because of the Deco Bits”.  That’s a direct quote.  🙂  She likes that she can change the look of the Pet Shop or Blythe’s room just by rearranging the Deco Bits.   Many of the pieces that make up the playsets have tiny holes on them which is where the girls very thoughtfully placed Deco Bits including flowers, butterflies, and hearts.

Littlest Pet Shop Deco Bits

Littlest Pet Shop app

One more way Littlest Pet Shop brings a world of creativity to your child’s life is through the Littlest Pet Shop Your World app.  We downloaded the app to our Android and iOS devices, free, so Madelyn could bring her Littlest Pet Shop world to life digitally, and design it her way!   She simply scanned her favorite pets with the app then watched as the pets came to life.  The more pets she collected and played with; the more rooms, activities and cute accessories she unlocked for her Pet Shop!  The LPS Your World game is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. It is important that you talk to your child about asking for permission before purchasing items through the app.

Littlest Pet Shop app

With over 60 virtual pets to collect, you can fill your Pet Shop with all your favorites; including Penny, Zoe, Minka, Pepper, Russell, Sunil and Vinnie from the Littlest Pet Shop TV Show. Get new rooms, accessories and decorations to make your world as unique as you are!   Blythe is always available for advice in the app. If Madelyn got stuck wondering what to do in the app, she just tapped her help button.

Littlest Pet Shop show on Discovery Channel

If your child can’t get enough of Littlest Pet Shop tune in to Discovery Channel to watch the 30-minute animated Littlest Pet Shop show on Discovery Channel at 2:30pm on weekdays!  The half-hour animated comedy series follows young Blythe and her father as they move into a big city apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop – an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds including a panda, gecko, and even a mongoose. But the real adventure begins when Blythe discovers she can miraculously talk with the animals! The pets may be small, but their big personalities often lead to uproarious pop music-inspired song and dance sequences.  Madelyn LOVES the show!

Littlest Pet Shop has so much to offer kids between the characters, pets, playsets, and the app, the Littlest Pet Shop line of toys is one that you can build on and your child will enjoy for years!

– Alicia


Littlest Pet Shop Playsets

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