Choose a Magical Christening Gift
Choose a Magical Christening Gift

Choose a Magical Christening Gift

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Christenings are a wonderful time for loved ones to come together, and, for many, can be a first chance to celebrate the arrival of a brand new family member. They can be a great source of new family heirlooms.

Some of my kids favorite ‘toys’ are the ones that I played with when I was a child.   There is something about seeing and touching a toy or anything for that matter, that’s been in the family for years that puts a big smile on a face.

Ernest Jones Christening Gifts

Christening gifts are commonly of a religious theme, but a gift that very young children can understand, such as one that relates to one of your  favorite classic story’s when they’re older, may be just as thoughtful.  To give a gift that will be remembered for years to come and add to the fairytale of a just-beginning childhood, we have some magical suggestions from Ernest Jones’ Christening collection.

As an established British jeweller, offers gifts that are beautifully crafted and made from the finest materials, and giving a gift from Ernest Jones also means giving back: the company also partners with and supports Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The Hansel and Gretel money bank is a gift that is likely to become a part of the new baby’s room as he or she grows up. The gift of a bank is a wonderful way to become a part of the child’s growing-up years, as a place to store allowance, count and save money, and learn its value early on.  Made of unbreakable pewter, the silver gingerbread house’s candy swirls and adorable children is sure to become part of childhood for the new baby, if not a precious keepsake for mom.  I would love to have this bank for myself! I think it’s gorgeous and it brings back some great childhood memories.

Another great gift that is sure to become woven into fond childhood memories is the Fairytale Frog Prince tooth box.  Whether this friendly frog is to become guardian to a child’s first baby tooth, a place to be visited by the Tooth Fairy, or just an endearing nightstand addition, this smiling pewter frog and his bejeweled crown will definitely be cherished for years to come.

The Thumbelina mug is a perfect little gift for a perfect little girl. This flower-shaped mug is crafted from pewter, and, peeking between the petals, we catch a glimpse of the future faerie princess herself. This adorable and whimsical take on the traditional pewter Christening cup is a very thoughtful way to renew something time-honored in the first few months of a bright new life.

The Royal Selangor pewter Cinderella clock is a gift that may one day even bring fairytale magic to math. A fantastic addition to any nursery, this is a gift that is sure to remain a part of the new family’s life for years to come.

Even if you don’t live in the UK, you will find fabulous gifts ideas on the Ernest Jones website!


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