Skateboarding – It’s really a sport and it can be safe with the right equipment!
Skateboarding - It's really a sport and it can be safe with the right equipment!

Skateboarding, a safe sport, with the right gear!

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My son went through a phase when all he wanted to do was skateboard.  He would bring his skateboard in the car and skateboard everywhere.. at the park, in our driveway, and down my mom’s street.   I thought it was super cute.. I mean cool.  😉

I learned that it can be difficult to find a store, either online or offline, that specializes in skateboarding gear.  SkateHut is one online store that offers a great selection of skateboards and skateboarding gear as well as skateboarding tips and safety advice.  While is based in UK and is a great store to buy gear from if you live in the UK, it is also a great resource for U.S. shoppers to research skateboarding products and get ideas.

Skateboarding is a past time that many kids start when they are young and continuing doing for many years.  Your child is your pride and joy, of course, so stores like SkateHut offer protection essentials for them so you can worry less (well, probably not) and let them do what they love.. skateboard all over the place!

Skateboarding gear and safety

Is Skateboarding a Sport?

Skateboarding is definitely a sport. You’ve heard of the X Games right?  Skateboarding can be very good exercise for your child. What’s great about skateboarding is that it is a bonding sport, as well as competitive.  Kids can get together and skateboard as buddies as the park but when it comes to competition time, you bet it turns into a sport!  You can go to a skateboarding tournament just like you would go to a ball game, and with your support, they’ll become better athletes and come to know good sportsmanship.

Skateboarding Safety

Safety  should be your #1 concern, because no parent wants to see their son or daughter scrape a knee, much less break a bone. Pads of all sorts can be used for impact protection should your child fall or wipe out, and helmets are an essential must to all outdoor sports including skateboarding.

There are many options and styles of protective gear, and most come in different looks so your child can still feel they are expressing themselves while meeting the necessary safety requirements.

Stores like SkateHut customize skateboards to their standards, which can add to safety as well.   I quickly learned that if a board fits its rider, it is much safer.

Cool Skateboard Gear

Did you know that you can put pink wheels on your daughter’s skateboard?  Or your son if he’s into pink.. my son has pink lacrosse balls.  Whatever floats his boat, right?

Take a look at and get ideas for your child’s skateboarding gear and potential future in the X-games! 🙂

You never know!


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