Pants on the Head.. a New Winter Trend?
Pants on the Head.. a New Winter Trend?

Pants on the Head.. a New Winter Trend?

by Alicia in New posts, Personal

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I’m pretty certain that my son will pursue a career such as with the Coast Guard or being a naturalist but I’m not quite sure down what career path my daughter might head.  She is only 6 so I’m not reading into her future career path too much.  However, I can’t help but think with as much as she plays with fashion designing apps on the iPad and dresses her large plastic horse in her old dresses, and wears pants on her head with all seriousness, she just might do something with fashion design.

Pants on the head winter trend

In all seriousness, she put the pants on her head so she wouldn’t forget to take them to my mom’s house so she could repair a hole in the leg.

It was just hilarious that she kept the pants on her head for the entire car drive to my mom’s house and up into my mom’s house.  This is the girl who has to change out of her ballet leotard before entering my mom’s house because she gets embarrassed.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier than to see my daughter with pants on her head… she’s usually shy and not so willing to step out of the box.

If only I was brave enough to wear pants on my head.  But I’m still too shy. 


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