How Do You Spice Up Your Pasta? A Tip for Picky Pasta-Loving Families
How Do You Spice Up Your Pasta?  A Tip for Picky Pasta-Loving Families

Food Tip: How Do You Spice Up Your Pasta? A Tip for Picky, Pasta-Loving Families

by Alicia in Food and Drink, New posts

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I am a huge fan of pasta.  I could eat pasta 21 times a week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) if I had enough in the house to fix.  Maybe that’s why these extra 10 lbs won’t come off?  I’m also a huge fan of sauce!  Yet another reason why I’m struggling with these extra 10 lbs.

As you might know, I am a Ragu “Mom’s The Word On Dinner” Ambassador, and I’m very proud and excited about that as you’ll see in this post.

Ragú® - Brand Ambassador campaign

That brings me to this week’s featured “Moms the Word on Dinner” video on the Ragu Facebook page which is about how families spice up their pasta.

How do I spice up my pasta you ask?  Good question!

Because everyone in my family has differing taste buds (to the extreme!), I prepare what I call ‘meals with options’.
For example, I cook angel hair pasta or my daughter’s favorite, rigatoni.
Then I will place a few sauce options and pasta ‘toppings’ as my kids call them, on the table.  Pasta toppings might include sautéed chicken, shrimp, red peppers, peas, and cheeses, to name a few.  Sauces include red pasta sauce, alfredo sauce, and lemon butter, most often coming from a what I like to call.. a jar.. full of ingredients that I can pronounce.

I don’t believe in forcing a child to eat a meal or a food that they have tried and don’t like so I am OK with offering my kids variations of a meal at dinner time.  I have found ‘meals with options’ to be a good solution for my family.

Plus, the table looks really pretty when it’s covered in small bowls full of colorful ‘toppings’.

Chime In..

How do you spice up your pasta? Do you have a special sauce recipe, favorite sauce or  pasta topping?  Please share in the comments below.


Alicia Hagan, Editor

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