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Hilarious and True article by Elizabeth at DaMomma: “The Safe List — And Why You’re Not On It”

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BlogHer Twitter - The Safe List article

I saw the above Tweet this afternoon for an article featured on BlogHer so I jumped over to the article and unlike a lot of articles I come across, I actually read it in it’s entirety. It’s hilarious and true.. for me at at least. The article titled The Safe List — And Why You’re Not On It, is written by Elizabeth Soutter author of, and tells of a series of worries that is often kept silent by many a mom.

Would it be considered offensive if I emailed a link to this article to all of my friends, who’s houses my kids might be invited to?
Just kidding.. I don’t think I’m that paranoid. We are lucky enough to really know most of the parents of the kid’s who’s houses my kid’s might go to (really strange sentence), so I’m not worried about the parents being coke snorters (except for you.. you know who I’m talking about! – just kidding again! – Sudafed is making crazy today), pedophiles, or gun toting freaks. But I love the article all the same and feel some justification in my often paranoid thinking, after having read it.

Brilliant article Elizabeth!

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