Hexbug Nano robotic creature toy
Hexbug Nano robotic creature

Hexbug Nano – my son’s new robotic creature

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Sebastian's Hexbug Nano

We are vacationing in Florida this week and we always go to Park Avenue, a hip outdoor shopping area in Winter Park to browse the shops and play in the park.  Today we went in a cute little shop on Park Avenue called Lighten Up! (here is their Facebook page) where Sebastian got a Hexbug Nano, a tiny robotic creature that looks and acts like a bug.. really.  Sebastian has had a few regular size Hexbugs in the past and loved them so I figured spending $9.99 for a Hexbug Nano at Lighten Up! (can be found for the same price or less at Amazon.com here) would be a pretty good investment especially since I didn’t bring any toys for the kids on this trip.  Oops!

Hexbug Nano

Blue Hexbug Nano - picture from website

After the toy store we went to lunch where we had lots of fun watching Sebastian’s new Hexbug Nano try to find its way out of various paper napkin, silverware, and menu mazes.  The Nano made music for us when it kept bumping into the silverware.  It was really funny.  I don’t think the other restaurant patrons found it as funny as we did though.

You can watch a video of Hexbug Nano’s in action on the Hexbug website here.

Here is a video of Sebastian playing with his Hexbug Nano. It moves so fast that I had a hard time getting a good video, but you’ll get the point.

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