I got to touch an iPad!

I got to touch an iPad!

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After days of dreaming about the iPad, reading about it, and listening to podcasts devoted to the iPad, I finally got to try it out. Yes, it’s about the coolest device ever. Not what I would call a gadget, but a utility, the 1.5lb iPad serves many purposes including photo viewing, it’s an ebook reader, a music player, and you can even watch full TV episodes right from the iPad.

I have an iPhone, an iPod, a MacBook White, and a MacBook Pro and still feel that the iPad is a necessity and will own a wi-fi + 3G 32 or 64GB iPad soon.. I hope.

I’m not going to get too detailed here as this isn’t a review of the iPad.. you’ll find lots of iPad reviews via Google, so I’ll just tell you what I think in a nutshell.  The iPad is PERFECT for moms like myself who are on the go, need to check and respond to email quickly and at odd times, want to share photographs of their beautiful kids while at the soccer park, want to entertain their kids via a tv episode, movie, or game during long road trips, and you want to get and stay organized.

Here is what the iPad can be used for/as:

  • an eBook reader
  • a photo viewer/ digital frame
  • a video viewer
  • a TV viewer (limitations)
  • a web surfer
  • an email device
  • a game device
  • a calendar
  • an organizer
  • a note taker
  • a digital recipe book

For a price tag starting at just $499, you get all of that!?  Yes!

Go to apple.com to learn more about the iPad or to buy one.

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