Musicolor – kids color, play, and listen to their own music art!

Musicolor – kids color, play, and listen to their own music art!

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Musicolor is such a cool concept.  Both of my kids (10 and 3) love Musicolor and as you know if you have two kids of very different ages, they don’t often like the same toy or game.  Madelyn enjoys the blank ‘Create-a-song’ music cards while Sebastian enjoys coloring, playing, and listening to the detailed cards (pre-printed song discs) that are color-by-number. 

So what exactly is Musicolor and what does it do?
Musicolor is a display of innovative technology mixed with a classic coloring activity. The music player unit is modeled after the classic record player (which my kids have never seen!), the technology, however, is anything but classic.
The Musicolor music player consists of a rotating base and an arm for reading the music discs, much the same as a DVD player reads a DVD. The arm scans over the colored areas of the music disc rotating on the music player, reads the color and translates it to sound. Kids can choose to play their music to the sound of a piano, violin or trumpet.
Using the pre-printed coloring discs, simply color in the spaces according to the letter printed in the area, when you are done, the disc will play the song for the scene you have just colored! If you really want to be creative, use the
blank song discs and create your own songs from scratch!

Kids receive the fun and reward of coloring a picture, which is magically transformed into music! A combination of art and music that any child can proudly share with their parents, family and friends!  Three Blind Mice, Hickory Dickory Dock, and London Bridge are just a few songs included in the Musicolor set.

Delta Creative offers kids other great products to bring out their creative side including their rainbow paint set (Madelyn’s playing with hers in the photo to the right) which includes 12 washable tempura paints, 3 paint brushes and a paint tray.  Delta Creative has a selection of Nickelodeon products including the Dora and Sponge Bob stamp sets great for kids 4 and older.

Delta Creative products can be purchased at Michael’s, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and other art and craft stores. 

Learn more about these and other Delta Creative products here at Delta Creative’s website.

Musicolor commercial:

Madelyn playing with her Delta Creative stamp set

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