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PakNak® Charms

by Alicia in Gadgets

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PakNaks® are fun soft rubbery 3-D
decorations for kids to personalize all of their
stuff with. Backpacks, lunchbags, headbands, nightstand lamp, a flower pot, and anything else you can imagine.  They are weather resistant by using super strong self adhesive Velcro.   Each PakNak® has a best PakNak® friend, how cute.  For example, Sola the flower's best friend is Birdy-Birdy.  There's a PakNak® for every personality.  Some of my favorite's are the robot, soccer ball, flowers, birds, monkey, skateboard, and Ted the Head.. the frog.

PakNak charms

Paknak_monkeyThe colors are vibrant and have yet to fade since we've been using them.  There are currently 38+/-  PakNak® charms to choose from.

Click here to print out a PakNak® coloring book!


COUPON CODE: Use coupon code PAK20 to get 20% off your order through April 2009.

GIVEAWAY: 4 lucky winners can choose 3 PakNak's to be their very own!  I will announce the giveaway contest and rules soon.  Sign up for our newlsetter to be the first to know when the contest starts!

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