Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People® celebrate 50th birthday!

by Alicia in Toys

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Littlepeople50th A reminder of years passed.  I was reminded exactly how much Little People® play sets have evolved in the last 50 years when I received two commemorative play sets a couple of weeks ago. 

As I opened the school house playset, I had flashbacks of the Little People® I played with 30+ years ago.  I remembered the wooden peg people and the lunchbox schoolhouse I played with (I thought it was a lunchbox) and who doesn't remember the famous Little People® farm playset?

50 years ago, Little People® were chunky, colorful, wooden peg figures that kids brought to life with their imaginations.  Now, Little People® help extend youngsters imaginations with their many playsets, people, and accessories.

Little People® friends celebrate five decades as one of the longest lasting and most beloved toy brands in the world!

Get in on the Little People® 50th Birthday Party fun!  Visit the Fisher Price Little People® website to see all of the commemorative playsets available, learn about the live traveling musical, and other exciting things planned!

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