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Minky Princess Blanket and Car Seat Cover from Dressy Dribbles

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Madelyn is a blankie lover.  She always has a blanket with her.  There are a few exceptions I suppose, but she's attached.   When I took Madelyn's minky Princess Blanket out of the package, the first thing she did was rub it on her face.  That's become a regular thing now.. when we're reading she holds the minky blanket on her face.  It's
adorable.  At night when
she's going to sleep she rubs the satin edges between her fingers.  Dressy Dribbles blankets and car seat covers are machine washable and available in several designs and colors.

Dressy Dribbles showed me that I don't have to settle for the standard gray cover that came with Madelyn's Britax toddler car seat.  Ugh.. how boring.  Now, Madelyn has the most beautiful car seat cover from Dressy Dribbles

Dressy Dribbles car seat cover features:Dressy-dribbles-madelyn

  • Machine washable
  • Made from the softest minky, denim, cotton and satin fabrics
  • Snap on and off, no strap threading required!
  • Fit most standard convertible car seats up to 65 pounds.
  • Infant and Toddler covers available
  • 7 designs
  • Camo, minky, and denim fabrics
  • Have matching blankets (sold separately or as a gift set)
  • What more can you ask for?

Click the image to the right to enlarge it and see the blanket up close.

Dressy Dribbles

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