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Getting ready for the Celebrity Solstice cruise.. tomorrow!

by Alicia in Celebrity Solstice

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Celebrity Solstice 11.03.08The Celebrity Solstice cruise is tomorrow.. or today if you're reading this Friday.  We are boarding the ship around noon and I will be sharing my experience with our readers (you!) all day Friday and Saturday. 

I am having a really hard time knowing that I am leaving both kids tomorrow.  Sebastian, 9 years old, knows and understands that we will be gone for a couple of days but Madelyn (2 years old) has no idea.  Unfortunately, Madelyn hasn't spent a night without me, EVER.  To think that she is going to wake up tomorrow morning and I will not be there is really tough for me.

Getting ready for the Celebrity Solstice cruise has been a bit of a challenge.  I had to take both the kids and myself to the doctor Wednesday which is the day I had sort of 'dedicated' to organizing and packing for the trip. 
Sebastian is sick, I was diagnosed with something a little unexpected and both kids got a flu shot.  Today, Madelyn came down with a slight fever and a runny nose which I hope is not an infection but because of the flu shot and will (please please) go away very quickly. 

Well, get ready to be bombarded with exciting news about my Celebrity Solstice cruise trip including photographs and videos.  You can read more about the cruise and why I am going on it here.

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