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Smashies – organic fruit sauces for kids

by Alicia in Feeding - baby & kids, Food and Drink

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SmashiesWhat do you get when you smash organic apples, don’t add high fructose corn syrup or sugar, and then put the smashed fruit into an environment friendly re-sealable pouch?  Smashies organic fruit sauce!

These are such a great idea and are are sure to be very appreciated by parents. These single serving fruit sauce pouches are just the right size to put in your child’s lunch box.  Got errands to run?  Grab and pack a couple of Smashies in your diaper bag so your toddler (and you) will have something to snack on while you’re out.  No more greasy chips, or chocolate candies that are going to melt all over your child’s (or your..I’m just saying..) fingers. 

Smashies are kosher, gluten-free, and BPA free so there’s no guilt involved in giving your kids this delicious snack.  My kids think it’s so cool to squeeze the fruit sauce out of the pouch just like they would with a juice pouch.  Madelyn, two years old, was pretty surprised when she tried a Smashie for the first time.  I think she expected juice to come out and not fruit sauce!

Smashies are available in one flavor now with three more to come by year’s and three more next year.   

Try Smashies!  Just pay shipping & handling and you will get Smashies free until they hit store shelves.

Website: Smashies

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