It’s going to be summer soon, how are you going stay cool?

"Mommy, it’s hot in here"

"Mom, I’m sweating in my bedroom.. make it colder in here!"

Sound familiar?

Between hot flashes (yes, I’m only in my 30’s) and the Georgia heat, it’s a struggle to stay cool and keep our energy bill down at the same time.  A very hot struggle.  So what can be done for those of us who want to keep our air conditioning bill low but suffer from ‘hot flash, Georgia heat, sun shines in the windows 12 hours a day‘ syndrome?
It’s a real syndrome.. really.

Use ceiling fans!

Have you noticed that when you are excessively hot, you become irritated easier?  Why put yourself and your kids through that if you can solve the problem with a great looking and superbly functional ceiling fan?  At any given time in the warmer months we have at least four ceiling fans on to ensure that everyone stays sane.   "Oh boy, Mom’s about to blow Dad!  Turn on the ceiling fan.. quick!"  Sebastian catches on fast.

Back in the day, ceiling fans were plain, with either white or wood grain blades.  Not anymore.  For example,  Minka Ceiling Fans.  Minka-Aire makes ceiling fans for all different tastes including classic, modern, antique, lofty, indoor and outdoor.

Don’t forget to cool down your outdoor spaces. There are some really cool outdoor ceiling fans to choose from.

A great place to shop for ceiling fans is here.  You can shop by style (children’s fans, tropical, outdoor, small room, nautical, etc) or by manufacturer.


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