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Mutsy 4Rider stroller: a review + coupon code

by Alicia in Strollers

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With more higher end strollers entering the consumer market almost monthly, it can be difficult to know which are really good and which are merely boosting the price because they can.  Mutsy, I can assure you, makes good strollers. 

Some might ask ‘how special can a stroller be’?  A parents answer: very special.  All strollers are not equal. Think about it.. strollers have many different components.  Wheels, seat, restraints, cushioning, cup holders, storage, handle bars, and more are what makes up a stroller. Wheels come in many sizes, seats can be like a Mercedes’ leather seat
or comparable to old dodge upholstery, and drink holders can either be
there or not.  While some components are necessary, some are not such as raising handle bars and a uber plush seat.  When did being un-necessary stop parents who desire the best for their baby and can afford it?   Never, that I know of.

A diagram of the Mutsy 4Rider

I received the Mutsy 4Rider to review in December and have used it in many different situations, on varying surfaces, and in several cars and to summarize my experience with the 4Rider would be difficult.  The Mutsy 4Rider is very easy to steer, folds easily, fits in most medium to large trunks, and there are accessories available for the 4Rider that are really neat! 

I am able to steer the 4Rider with only a couple of fingers instead of one or both hands.  When we were in Boston recently, I was trying to steer the stroller through the train’s narrow walk-way while keeping my diaper bag from falling off my shoulder so I had only one hand to steer with.  Lucky for me, the Mutsy 4Rider’s fully swiveling front wheels make the stroller easy to steer on both city and rugged streets as well as on narrow train walk-ways.

Besides the fact that the Mutsy 4Rider is a super sleek yet sporty stroller, one of my favorite features of the 4Rider is the clickable mechanism which enables parents to switch the seat from a front to rear facing position in less than 10 seconds and by one person.  I found this feature to be very useful during our strolls through Boston.  It was about 2 degrees (ok, maybe more like 39 degrees) outside and windy for a couple of days.   I didn’t want Madelyn to be bombarded by the wind so I turned the seat around, with her in it so she no longer faced the wind… just the boys and I were frozen by the arctic Boston winds.

I could go on and on about the Mutsy 4Rider but I’m sure you don’t want to read an essay.  A few features  and available components (marked with *) that make the Mutsy 4Rider exceptional are:

  • 3-position leg rest
  • the seat depth can be adjusted for the maximum comfort of smaller and larger babies
  • the ability to switch from the bassinet to toddler seat to the Mutsy Fun Seat easily
  • bassinet*
  • ultra-comfortable seat with a 5-point safety harness
  • removable front bar
  • dinner tray*
  • fun seat*
  • easy to store air pump
  • adjustable height handle bar

WEBSITE: Mutsy 4Rider stroller at Bare Babies (learn more or buy)

COUPON CODE: The Mommy Insiders get 10% off of any Mutsy purchase at Bare Babies with coupon code mi10offmutsy.

More photos of the Mutsy 4Rider



Mutsy 4Rider Fun Seat Mutsy 4Rider side view Mutsy 4Rider bassinet
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