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Personalized embroidered baby & toddler clothes – SewCUTE

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Sewcute2If you are a regular reader you know how much I love personalized baby gifts and clothes.  Lucie, the founder of SewCUTE personalized baby wear recently sent a personalized tee for Madelyn and it is one of those pieces that made me say "awwww".  Even my husband couldn’t hold back.  Madelyn’s name is embroidered with Berry Pink embroidery thread and the shirt is a light pink.

SewCUTE personalized clothing is made using only premium,
super soft & comfy, combed cotton and oh my gosh, is it luxurious to the touch.  Madelyn ate tomato’s the first time she wore her shirt and needless to say, the shirt  enjoyed the tomato’s almost as much as Madelyn.  I am very impressed that even after harsh rubbing with stain remover and several washes in both hot and cold water the tee is still soft and held it’s shape perfectly. Madelyn has a larger than average head so I really appreciate that this tee has a stretchable collar.  The big head is from Tim’s side of the family!  🙂  SewCUTE designs are available for babies and toddlers ages 0-24 months.

I would love to see Madelyn in one of SewCUTE’s Personalized Sport Baby Sets and/or the Personalized Classic Hoodie Set before she is too big.  They are too cute!  No pun intended.  🙂

The SewCUTE website is very easy to browse and I noticed that on every individual product page there is sizing information and care instructions for that product. I, like most online shoppers don’t want to dig through the depths of a website to find out what size Madelyn or Sebastian would fit in and if a piece is machine washable or not.  Speaking of.. SewCUTE’s pieces are machine washable.

Let me know what you buy!

Personalized Baby Clothes – SewCUTE

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