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Mom, will you blow dry me please?

by Alicia in New posts

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Sebastian_smallI never thought I would hear my son (8 years old) ask me to blow dry him.

At first I thought he meant his hair. What 8 year old boy wants his hair blow dried?  He had just gotten out of the bathtub and was very cold.  Squatting on the bathroom floor with a towel wrapped around him and shivering, he asked me if I would blow dry him.  I thought why not blow dry his hair so he will warm up quickly?  It is after all a chilling 68 degrees in the house.  We went into the other bathroom where the blow dryer was and he stood up and dropped his towel!  I started to blow dry his hair and he said "no mom, blow dry ME! I’m freezing!"  After just about loosing my bladder control (laughing), I waved the blow dryer up and down as he spun around until he was dry.  His body was dry in not time but I was wrong to assume that he would actually let me blow dry his hair though!
Mommy Tip: Blow dry your kids when they get out of the bath to help them warm up quickly.  🙂

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