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ESRB – video game parental control

by Alicia in New posts

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Esbr_ratings_guideWhether I like it or not, Sebastian (8 years old) and my husband Tim play video games. I was naive to think that Sebastian would want to play ‘kiddie games’ until he is 13.

I may be naive but thanks to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board), I AM NOT ignorant!  The ESRB enables parents to choose video games appropriate for their children.  If a video game is rated E10+, Sebastian can’t play it.  Sebastian can’t argue the ‘on the box’ ratings. If the ESRB states that the video game is not appropriate for 8 year olds, he can’t play it. Period.  For those parents who aren’t sure what a rating symbol means, simply look at the description on the back of the video game box.

The new generation of game consoles makes it easy for parents to set parental control features, to ensure a fun, secure, and age-appropriate gaming experience for our children.


  • Easy to locate ratings are displayed on the video game box
  • Ratings are easy to understand, even for 8 year olds!
  • Rated by adults, most have experience with children
  • Search for video games by rating on ESRB’s website
  • Parents can search video games by content (nudity, language, violence, etc) on ESRB’s website


Before you shop for video games for your child this holiday season, check out to find out what games are appropriate for your child!

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